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This game doesn't attempt to give you the physical feel of a specific instrument, however it can help you develop the hardest & most rewarding musical skill. Something applicable to ANY instrument that has notes laid out linearly.  Such as: all stringed instruments, piano/keyboards, trombone..... slide whistle. :)

Its not too hard to adjust to the spacing and physical feel of an instrument. Most people can do that quite well within weeks.

What has taken many YEARS for most musicians, is intuitively pouring out their musical thoughts, and getting them flowing out of their fingers and into their instrument.

Your time in this game can help you gain skills for this improvisational style of playing. The muscle memory, the feel of the note intervals, the spatial relationships & scales.


* More intuitive & comfortable than other games' Pro Modes
* None of your game time is simply throwaway entertainment
* You can play a song instantly, by sight. No looping/studying/memorizing necessary.
* You can control exactly how fast or slow the song goes in fine degrees.
* Mistakes sound like REAL mistakes. Out of tune and/or out of time.
* Jump in late on a note, & still get partial score. It's a satisfying feeling being able to correct your mistakes.
* You can play a harmony or play independently of the song. Like a real instrument.
* Improvise extra notes, runs, trills, etc. in between your on-screen notes (without losing score).
* Allows spontaneous "fingerpicking"/arpeggiating of chords, & adding rhythmic variations. Express yourself.
* You can even play a REAL instrument (without being scored) with the help of the game's visuals
* All this without being a lot harder than 5 "note" pure entertainment games


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